Lirik Lagu Pusha T – No Flex Zone

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Lirik Lagu Pusha T - No Flex Zone[Hook]
No flex zone, No flex zone
They know better, they know better
No flex zone, No flex zone
They know better, they know better
Won a gold medal
And a gold bezel
I treat it so special
Now your ho jealous
Freak Hoes, got several
They tens or better
I’m a trendsetter
I’m a go-getter

[Verse 1]
Who ain’t waiting on King Push?
Got niggas checking for them new flows
Sold more dope than the old Jigga
Now niggas calling me the new Hov
Let the coupe go, planetarium
Let the roof go like Cesarean
Clear my section nigga, no flexing nigga
Just a hunnid bottles they carrying
Cross the border like I lost a daughter
This foreign nigga, he ain’t know better
Him pick and choose where them bullets fly
I lose the plane on this fool nigga
Bought dope with my album budget
Play Clothes was the blueprint
Four million in four seasons
Fuck who care for my fashion sense
Tell a ho come and swim in the money
Broke niggas just stop at the heel
I could body paint you in them name brands
And put a red bow on the wheels
See I’m just in and out, I call a rent a mouth
Suck the ice out of a bezel
Use my rap persona, fuck baby mommas
Still killin’ haters, God bless em’