Lirik Lagu Wiz Khalifa – We Dem Boyz Remix

Berikut lirik lengkap lagu Wiz Khalifa – We Dem Boyz Remix :

Lirik Lagu Wiz Khalifa - We Dem Boyz Remix[Hook: Wiz Khalifa]
Hol up, we dem boyz
Hol up, we dem boyz
Hol up, hol up, hol up, we makin’ noise
Hol up, hol up, we dem boyz
Now I’ve been in this game a long time, still get money
Hol up, we dem boyz
Hol up, hol up, hol up, we makin’ noise

[Verse 1: Rick Ross]
Paranoid as a child, blessed to be a dreamer
Bitch we dem boys, nigga we the Beatles
1-8-7 no appeal, get it how you live
Before I go broke accountants jump off a bridge
First round draft pick, hittas stay in the field
On that poor side of town, grinding to pay our bills
They hate to see you flourish, so I draw the curtains
I’m so high up in the sky that my I won’t get no service
Democracy be the dope, community in the choke
The warden just caught his case, he was looking forward to vote
Nigga count your blessings, lighters on the dresser
I scoped it, a whole body, so yes I’m well invested

[Verse 2: Schoolboy Q]
From Fig row to the airport to them Iceland hoes
Head to London then to Paris, double sold out shows
Then I fell asleep in my Saint-Laurent and woke up, stunt more
And just recent nigga, my teeth is nickel, got disco-ball glow
Niggas throwin’ shots but I dodge ’em all, you can’t touch this
Don’t believe if my name involved in some punk shit
Half a mil a week, crib by the beach, got bank roll
Got a bitch who got booty-cheeks, good neck though
Hold up, hol up, hol up, this game we play, you can’t control us
Hol up, hol up, they knew us cause the way we pulled up
Hold up, hol up, my bitch her shape like Coca-Cola
Hold up, hol up, Wiz on joints, my woods be rolled up

[Hook: Wiz Khalifa]

[Verse 3: Nas]
I never give a rat a pass, it’s the fattest ass that attracts me
How do I define Nasty? Ghastly
Explain Esco
Plain and simple – with a redbone in the Benz’o sippin’ XO
From the Don to God’s Son, the Project Prophet, the live one
The father of Destiny, Knight’s pops, Will’s man
Jungle’s brother
Girl, I house you like the Jungle Brothers, understand
I shine before ya’ll time
I been outside when T La Rock invented rhymes
When dinner time and BBS’s on tinted Saab’s was getting robbed
I’m 20 in, still outside, don’t ask for it
That parched up from here on, that half moon is that Nas cut
We been ’em niggas that’s been them niggas, ask any nigga
Mass Appeal, history, Henny sippers, let’s get it nigga

[Hook: Wiz Khalifa]

[Verse 4: Wiz Khalifa]
Keys to my estate, put the cheese inside a safe
Drinkin’ by the case, that be the reason why they hate
Fresh up outta cell to the seats of private planes
Roll at least an ounce a day, smokin’ weed is my escape
Peddle to the floor, make sure my niggas straight
Every city-state, I’m tryna break the piggie bank
Some niggas get put on, some niggas get played
Take another selfie, watch the lawyer beat the case
We Dem Boyz

[Hook: Wiz Khalifa]

Lirik Lagu Wiz Khalifa – KK

Berikut lirik lengkap lagu Wiz Khalifa – KK :

Lirik Lagu Wiz Khalifa - KK[Intro: Wiz Khalifa]
Is this the top?
I got my own weed, sucker, so I ain’t gotta hit yours
I’m talking straight indo
Cali weed blowing like a Rastaman
Kush seed straight from Afghanistan
Shooting up the club like an AK, bow, bow, bow, bow, bow
Smoke a pier strong every day, I’m

[Hook: Wiz Khalifa]
Blowing KK, blowing KK, blowing KK, blowing KK
Blowing KK, blowing KK, blowing KK, blowing KK
Blowing KK, blowing KK, blowing KK, blowing KK
Blowing KK, blowing KK, blowing KK, blowing KK
I need it all the time, don’t know what else to say
It’s always on my mind, that’s why every day
I’m blowing KK, blowing KK, blowing KK, blowing KK
Blowing KK, blowing KK, blowing KK, blowing KK

[Verse 1: Wiz Khalifa]
Put it in a joint, not a blunt
Don’t disrespect mine, player
This not the two, this the one
Don’t even need a scale
Back in high school I used to be the weedman
Quarter ounces, half ounces, what you need, man
Eleventh grade, made my way up to a P, man
And sent it back if I ever seen a seed, man
And you don’t even gotta ask
You know it by the smell
I treat every day like it’s a payday
Top down, counting up the cake and


[Verse 2: Juicy J]
I got KK in my pipe, pockets fat like Kelly Price
If you wanna take a hit you can’t be afraid of heights
You gon’ need some new lungs, rolling up a blunter for ’em
While I’m smoking out the bong getting sucked like a thumb
Boy I’m in a daze, tangerine haze
I smoke so much KK they should’ve called it Juicy J
Bomb banging lemonade, weed get the lemon taste
Never hit the bong, let me demonstrate

[Verse 3: Project Pat]
Go and roll it, chief and choking, marijuana, reefer smoking
Trap the semi sum under [?]
Call the doctor, call the clinic, bullshit we staying with
Your life ain’t worth a motherfucking quota, what you paying with?
Khalifa kush a hundred pounds, that’s a half a mil
Memphis streets so eat this like a baby, like Enfamil
Lungs full of KK, have your mind on a runway
Blow my high, motherfucker, I’mma shoot up like an AK

[Verse 4: Juicy J]
My white house higher than Willie Nelson, on dabs the wax is melting
These clouds are smoking, help me, I’m flying like [?] jetson
I might bring a dispensary down in Tennessee
Has that grandaddy, but he ain’t no kin to me
(I’m staying with the greens light color)


[Outro: Juicy J]
Blowing Khalifa kush (x4)